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Aurora Awakens

Namaste!  I’m Tantrika Aurora Awakens, a radiant, exotic beauty who is passionate about awakening you to your full potential!  I offer Sexuality  / Intimacy Coaching & Full-Body Tantric Massage combining numerous healing modalities. 


I bring my powerful heart-centered presence and loving sensual touch to welcome all parts of you & your sacred sexuality into the space that we will co-create together.  Return to your essence and enliven all of your senses through Tantric Massage, Conscious Touch, Authentic Communication, Eye Gazing, Ritual, Energy Work, and Sexuality Coaching. 


Allow yourself to drop into profound relaxation, release energetic blockages, access and abundance of pleasure, and connect with parts of yourself that have been yet to be revealed.  Deepen your intimate relationships and finely hone your communication skills.  Learn how to speak your desires, create healthy boundaries, increase the amount of pleasure in entire life, and how to move energy within your body.


My purpose is to help connect you to trust your intuition, open your heart to love, and to release sexual shame & guilt.  I love holding space for deep transformation and healing to unfold in a safe and loving container. I also welcome those seeking relaxation, expansion of personal power, and pleasure potential.


I am honored to guide you to connect more deeply with yourself and with the divine.  All sessions are unique and dependent on the individual desires and intentions of each client.



To me, TANTRA is about SURRENDERING to the PRESENT moment, honoring the DIVINE in everyone & everything, WEAVING together my own divine MASCULINE & divine FEMININE, circulating my SEXUAL  / CREATIVE / LIFE FORCE ENERGY,  & channeling universal LOVE for the highest good. 


Since embracing Tantra as my spiritual practice, my life has forever changed for the better.  My Vibration & the Synchronicity in my life have significantly increased and I have healed myself from significant physical ailments.  Deep healing and transformation is truly possible when you open to new possibilities.


I welcome Individuals and Couples of all Genders, Orientations, & Relationship Constellations to my Incall Locations. 

Release what is no longer serving your highest good.


Make space for what is in the greatest alignment.




All sessions are unique and dependent on YOUR individual Needs & Intentions.  I'll welcome all parts of you on our sacred journey together.




  • Full Body Tantric Massage

  • Sex, Intimacy, & Relationship Coaching

  • Authentic Communication

  • Emotional Release Techniques

  • Chakra Clearing, Balancing, & Toning

  • Sensory & Touch Exploration Exercises

  • Sound Healing & Meditation

  • Reiki, BodyTalk, & Other Modalities of Energy Work

  • Conscious Touch Rituals & Exercises

  • Sacred Spot Massage for Men & Women 

  • 5 Elements Massage

  • Shamanic Rituals




  • Learn to Love Your Body & Your Unique Expression of Sexuality

  • Build Intimacy in Your Relationships

  • Surrender to Immense Pleasure

  • Learn to Better Trust Your Intuition

  • Safely Open Your Heart to Love

  • Connect Your Heart to Your Sexuality

  • Release Sexual Shame & Guilt

  • Own Your Desires & Reclaim Your Power

  • Empower Your "Yes" & Your "No"

  • Let go of Limiting Beliefs & Patterns AND Open to New Possibilities

  • Become Multi-Orgasmic & Have Full Body Orgasms

  • Connect Your Heart to Your Sexuality

  • Remove Impotence & Premature Ejaculation Blockages

  • Learn How to Powerfully Ground & Circulate Your Energy

  • Regain Sensitivity in Your Body 

  • Release Sexual Trauma

  • Explore What Directly Brings you Pleasure in Your Body and How to Own Your Desires and Ask for What You Want 


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Tantric Awakening

Session Offerings








90 + Minute Sessions are

Recommended for Our 1st Session Together 

Creating a Tantric Connection & a Deeply Transformative

Experiencse Requires Time to Fully Drop-In Together.


Longer Tantric Awakening Sessions

are Available By Request 





* Sessions for Couples - Learn how to better communicate, deepen your intimacy, and expand your pleasure with hands-on guidance for both partners.  All relationships constellations & sexual expressions are welcomed.


* Conscious Kink & Tantric BDSM - Explore kink, power play, & sensation in a safe container free from guilt & shame.  This requires an in-depth conversation in advance to ensure that I can offer the experience you are seeking.  Learn how to share your most intimate fantasies /kinks/fetishes & how to ask for what you most desire an empowered way.  I have trained with Om Rupani & Laurie Handlers.  I am skilled at making you feel held & safe enough to go very deep into sub space.  

In addition to domination through presence, I travel with Electricity (Neon Wand, Conductor Attachment), Rope, Floggers, Talons, Pinwheels, Nipple Suction Cups, Blindfolds, Clothes Pins, Feathers, Head Tingler, etc... YOU choose what items are on the menu and I create the scene within your boundaries using safe words and signals.

 Tantric BDSM Sessions

2 Hrs Recommend, 90 Minutes Minimum

Different Pricing from Tantric Massage

* Remote Sexuality Coaching via Phone and/or Video Chat 

Connect with me Wherever you are in the World.  Allow me to help guide you to develop deeper intimacy in your relationships, overcome sexual performance issues such as premature ejaculation, learn to ask for what you want & own your desires and so much more.  Availability Can Vary Depending on Current Travel Schedule.

Special pricing & packages are available per request.  


* Double Goddess Session - Be honored by Two Tantric Goddesses Simultaneously with a 4-Handed Tantric Massage.  The ultimate experiential transformational indulgence!  Limited Availability Depending on Location, Advance Booking Required






Etiquette & Expectations



Please text when you wake up on the morning of your session to confirm, again when you are on the way to our session, and call or text when you arrive at the door.  I will disclose the exact location to our temple space when you message just prior to the start of our session.



Please arrive freshly showered or plan to take a brief shower at the start of our session together.  A shower will also be available at the end of your session if you would like to freshen up prior to departing the temple space. 



Please arrive on time, neither late nor early.  I utilize every moment prior to our session to prepare the temple space for your arrival.  Should you be running late, please let me know so that I may adjust or time accordingly.  An on-time arrival creates an easeful start of our sacred time together.  After entering, please remove your shoes upon entering the temple space.



Prior to undressing, leave your offering on the abundance altar as this is a sacred exchange.  Please come prepared with the full cash offering.



I invite you to feel into if there is anything that you would like to focus on during our time together.  Each session is unique based on your needs and intentions, so this is an opportunity to express your true self and what your would like to explore, release, or call into your life.  If you do not come with a specific intention in mind, that is also perfectly valid.  There will be time for sharing at the start of each session.  All of you is welcome just as you are!



Our time together is sacred.  I expect interactions that value my time & expertise.  I reserve the right to end a session early without reimbursement if any client is not respectful during time together.  I have not had to exercise this right thus far.



I reserve my time specifically for your session.  My time is valuable as is yours.  If you should need to cancel a session for any reason, please let me know 12 hours in advance.  No-Shows will be unable to rebook future sessions.


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Tour Dates 


Exact Incall Location Disclosed After

Phone Intake Call & Session Confirmation

INCALL  Tour Dates


TBD, Mid - Late November 2019

Boston [Downtown Crossing]

December 10th - 18th


December 2019 - January 2020


February, 2020


March - April 2020


Let me know if you would be like to be notified

in advance, when I travel to your city!

* I frequently travel to Boston, DC Area

Dublin Ireland, & am on Healing Teams at Tantra Festivals Across the Globe.  I look forward to connecting with you.*


Connect with Me





Please Include All Info Below in a Message

if it is our 1st Session Together 




1.   Your Name

2.   A Brief Bio (Age, Occupation, Relationship Status etc…)

3.   Interest / Experience with Tantra

4.   Date, Time, & Length of Session Requested

5.   Any Intentions or Things You Would Like to Explore 

6.   Where you Found Me 

7.   Your City + Viewed My Wix Site

I don't check my email as frequently, but you may also message my secure account:


** 90 Minute or Longer Sessions are Recommended our the 1st Session, so that we may fully drop-in together. ***

New Clients, for my Safety,

Please Provide me with your Email 


Your Full Name & Employment Verification


your Last Provider Reference


A 15 Mintue Intake Call is offered prior to your 1st session to make sure that we are in alignment.  I can answer any questions at this time and we can discuss session details and location.


[Unless Otherwise Specified]

During tour dates, you can expect a prompt response.

Please note, that outside of my posted tour dates, I frequently travel internationally and often to remote locations.  I may not be able to return your message as swiftly as I would like.  Thanks in advance for your understanding. I will return your message as soon as I am can and value your contact.  

Empowerment Coaching & Tantric Massage Only.

No other services offered or implied.  The offering is for my time.


Testimonials for Tantric Massage


"Aurora made me feel safe enough to explore parts of my sexuality that I have never shared with anyone.   It literally changed my life.  I am now able to express my true desires to my partner in a way that I didn't think was possible.  I'm so grateful for what I learned and expierenced." 

~ Dan, Boston


 "I experienced deep healing and transformation during our sessions together.  She helped me to release deep-rooted feelings of being unworthy of love and then helped me to increase my pleasure.  I recommend her with all of my heart & soul.”

~ Diana, Boston


"I had a profound experience that I was not expecting.  When Aurora gave me sacred spot work, I released deep childhood trauma and had a powerful Shamanic Experience.  She helped me to learn how to process my emotions better and let go of the past.  I can't wait to see her next she comes to my city."

~ Brad, Seattle



Testimonials for Sexuality Coaching, Via Video or Phone Messaging.


" Aurora has changed my sex life for the better.  Her Video Coaching Sessions gave me the tools necessary to overcome my premature ejaculation issues.  I am shocked at the results in only a few sessions.  Now all of my lovers are fully satisfied and I finally am proud of my sexual prowess."  

~Kurt, USA



Aurora        Awakens

Tantric Muse & Sacred Sexuality Guide

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